Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Budget Business Travellers - Free Dance Concert at the Opera House

The infamous and indigenous Aussie contemporary dance company, Bangarra, will be hosting a freebie 25th Anniversary celebration performance at the Opera House’s Forecourt on Sunday 30 November.

From 630pm, this celebration gift to the people of the Eora nation, the performance will be part of Corroboree Sydney 2014. For anyone who’s not familiar with Bangorra’s Dance Theatre history, here’s the Cliff Notes: Founded in 1989 by Carole Johnson, an African American, the word means ‘to make fire.’ They’ve featured 11 productions since the early 90’s including global tours and also significant contributions to the 2000 Summer Olympics opening and closing ceremonies.
Now you’re up to speed, make a note to hop over to the Forecourt on Sunday! You can enjoy the Yolngu performance that originates from the North East Amhem Land with MC by actress Deborah Mailman. There will also be a brief performance by the NSW Public School Aboriginal Dance Company and song stories by Christine Anu (from her Stylin Up album).

This event is a fantastic way to learn more about the history of Australia’s ancestors through music, storytelling and culture at one of the most famous landmarks in the globe.  This is the first time Bangarra has offered a free event so it’s a rare one, not to be missed, so bring your picnic and be ready for the 630pm celebration.
We also advise you to take a quick look through Bangarra’s website for additional information about their venue in Walsh Bay, alongside future performances and history behind each style of dance.  As a leading performing arts company, this is an ideal event for business travellers who want to learn more about local arts and culture.  Obviously, it’s an extra perk for budget corporate visitors who can invite clients to the celebration and keep entertaining budget costs down.
Once the final ‘curtain’ draws, you can dance your way onto a nearby ferry and a few minutes later you’ll be at Cremorne Point.  Still keeping checks and balances in tow for hotel accommodation, Cremorne Point Manor is one of Sydney’s most affordable boutique hotels, overlooking the Harbour Bridge. With incredible views and stunning hotel decor, it’s pretty clear to see why TripAdvisor’s awarded the Manor a “Certificate of Excellence,” for a fourth consecutive year.  Now you can cross ‘stayed at a heritage building hotel & saw a concert for free’ from your Sydney bucket wish list!



Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Vroom Vroom NRMA Supercars Heading to Sydney

From December 5-7th, Sydney Olympic Park is the place to be if you’re a motor sports lover. Over three days, the V8 Supercars Sydney NRMA 500 will be racing for the grand final. From Ford to Nissan, Volvo and Erebus, they all go nose to nose at this adrenaline Championship event.

Marcos Ambrose has won the V8 Supercars twice and will be back for a new round so all Marcos fans, you’re in for a celebrity treat. This is his first return from the U.S. with a new generation of V8 supercars.
Not just for boys-who-love-toys, this event is for the whole family as there will be carnival rides, Disney Fun Zone, Car Shows and a new Super Top Entertainment hub. Talk about a summer of speed, just before the holidays kick in! Also anyone reading this with under 14 year olds, you have the added bonus of your munchkins receiving free general admission, with a paying adult.
You can also watch history in the making as a new champion is crowned in this Park, the same venue that hosted the 2000 Olympics. On a side note, did you know that it took four years for the Sydney NRMA 500 to have a repeat race winner, Craig Lowndes, winning in 2011 and 2012? Past other winners include Jamie Wincup, Jonathon Webb and James Courtney.
This year’s race will spin around the Park complex and the two team drivers will be subject to a multitude of bumps, fast & slow corners and camber changes over 3.4km. With a top speed of 248km/h, you are more advised to video the competition because if you use a smartphone camera, by the time you click, the cars will have sped by and no one will believe you were ever there!
The ticket prices vary from Grandstand to Trackside, Fanstands, Paddock Passes and the Engine Room. For a 3 day Platinum Grandstand tickets, pre door prices range $280 to $690 AUD, depending on whether you buy an adult or family pass. Trackside passes range $25 to $115 pre door so look through the ticket options to assess your budget.
With the adrenaline pumping and the love of all things fast, what better way to wind down than stay at Sydney’s most affordable boutique hotel.  You can settle back and get a second rush of hype, viewing the stunning Harbour as the sun goes down. Need a preview? Check Cremorne Point Manor’s home page video to see what you’ll see, once you stay with us.  Pretty sensational, right?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Award Season in Sydney

Since 1987, the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) has held their annual awards in the heart of Sydney. Recognizing the most talented in Aussie music, the first awards were hosted by Sir Elton John and winners have included household names such as INXS and Crowded House.

Over the years, the expansion of categories in each award section has multiplied and once eligibility is confirmed, the Voting Academy and/or Judging Schools start their considerations. There are now five major categories with subsets in each including the Hall of Fame induction so this is a heavy weight night of repetitive ‘And the winner is…’
You can also buy tickets to a multitude of gigs, showcases and events taking place between November 19 to December 3rd. From the newest artists and hottest industry events to ground breakers who have changed the genre of music over the years, put your dancing gear on and get ready to mingle.
The big award event night takes place on November 26 at the Event Center at The Star and will be broadcast on Channel TEN. Red carpet showing who’s who starts 2pm so if you’re a super groupie, get down to the entrance and start clicking that smart phone camera.

From One Direction to Sheppard, 5 Seconds of Summer to Justice Crew on stage, get ready for the main star guest presenter: Katy Perry! Tickets have now sold out but you can keep checking online for any additional seats they’re giving up for grabs at $79.57 AUD . You’d need get on the site fast to book these once-in-a-lifetime seats.  For anyone who’s attending the mass of gigs, maybe lucky enough to have nabbed a ticket to the awards or if you struck unlucky this year on grabbing either, you can still be involved. The public voting is for Aussies only (well anyone with an Australian IP address) so you can still make a stance and cast your vote. Also account that some of the week long gigs are free so hover over the link above and see which events take your musical fancy.
As the award venue is right by the Harbour, you’re a hop, skip and jump away (aka by ferry) to one of Sydney’s most affordable boutique hotels. After a few days of music to your ears, you can return to Cremorne Point Manor, put your feet up and watch the Harbour skyline as the sun goes down. If you need additional inspiration, check the Manor’s home page video. The views are stunning and it’s no wonder the Manor’s in the ‘Winner Is…’ category for a Certificate of Excellence Award, four consecutive years…by Tripadvisor.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Women Jazz up Sydney

To celebrate female musicians that exude sheer brass, the Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival is worth checking out between November 5 – 12. For the third consecutive year, the festival showcases some of the greatest composers, players and band leaders from around the globe.

The lineup includes Dee Alexander, who will host her exclusive Australian debut. As the website validates, Dee’s received hefty kudos State side for her last two albums which gained five star reviews. As a pioneer in versatile vocals, this is a time to cross ‘seeing one of the world’s greatest jazz musicians’ off your bucket wish list.
Alongside Dee, you can also jive-talk your way through Sarah McKenzie and Lisa Parrot’s musical talents. Additionally, Andrea Keller will be performing, and the Fat Yahoozah band (Ellen Kirkwood’s new group) will be a sure fire diversity of hip hop jazz. Something not to be missed!

Established in 2012, the Women’s Jazz Fest’s main objective is to magnify this world class international genre with a focus on gender. There are various locations you can hop over to that are hosting the festival including the Foundry 616, The Basement, Australian Institute of Music, The Sound Lounge and VJ’s. The ticket prices do vary from $25 to $45 AUD yet also consider their packaged rates that include dinner with your tickets for an additional $25 - $100, depending on venue.
With a flurry of restaurants and bars in the area by the festival, make sure you plan your schedule to eat, drink, dance and listen the best jazz in Sydney during these dates. Accounting that the festival is now underway, the performances start nightly at either 730pm or 830pm primarily. On Saturday, you may as well just wipe everything off your calendar or diary as the Fat Yahoozah’s kick off around 2pm at the Seymour Center Courtyard and as a double bonus, this is a freebie. Also we advise you to check out page 16 for the itinerary as it’s pretty condensed and will help you plan your festival viewing, a whole lot easier.
If you’re in town visiting or maybe a local looking for a staycation (added treat), then just 19 minutes drive away or a short bus & ferry ride from the Harbour, you can check out Sydney’s most affordable boutique hotel. If you were moved by the music at the Festival, then expect to be swayed by the outstanding views of the Sydney skyline from Cremorne Point Manor. It’ll be sheer music to your eyes and ears!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Newtown Festival Returns in November

If you’re in Sydney, either a local or visiting, then keep the 9th November free! The Newtown Festival returns and this year, it honors Newtown Independence Day at the Camperdown Memorial Rest Park. This cheeky claim to fame of independence starts at 930am and runs to 530pm and as one of the city’s largest community events, it’s worth checking out.

As an annual tradition, the neighbourhood center raises funds for local community goals, to build a thriving region and support vulnerable and disadvantaged people.  If you’re expecting this to be a tiny county fair type of event…think again. It attracts over 80,000 visitors who fall in love each November with the music, arts and grassroots style.
There are five stages (yes five) at the festival showcasing live music and entertainment while you prowl around from over 300 stalls. The stalls aren’t just about food and drink, they also focus on creative wares, sustainable products and all items local so when you purchase these, you’re giving back to the hood’s economy.

Due to popular demand, there are the usual garage sales, Writers Tent, roving performers and favourites. These include the Dog Show, Kids Zone, Live Art Hub, Eco Oasis, Bike Boulevard and Vocal Local Village. Maybe bring ear plugs as it’s going to be a fantastically noisy day.
Reverting to one important showcase of the Dog Show, if you’re bringing Fido to the event, make sure you arrive in the morning as your best friend (ever) could win a prize in one of the 9 events. If your pet has three legs, lost its eye way back when or a tail is missing, no worries. The Welfare for Most Disadvantaged competition is on at 940am and brilliantly, wobbly Fido may win first prize!
The organizers don’t charge advance tickets as you’ll be asked to make a gold coin donation at the gates. Every dollar raised goes right back into the neighbourhood, which will, no doubt, give you a great fuzzy feel good rush.
Only one hour away by bus and around 25 minutes by car, after the Festival closes you can head back over the stunning Harbour Bridge to Cremorne Point. Needing a place to stay? The most affordable boutique 4 star Sydney hotel is situated here. Take a look at the home page short video and you’ll see why Tripadvisor awarded Cremorne Point Manor a ‘fourth’ consecutive Certificate of Excellence Award.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Clean up for 2015 Facilities Event

There’s nothing more productive than planning ahead, right? So if you have the Total Facilities Expo in your diary or calendar for 25-26 March 2015, then you need to start working on the fine print details.

The only dedicated industry event in Australia, this is where you can truly showcase and create a strong brand presence if you’re in the building, cleaning and facilities industry. With over 65 product categories including maintenance, software + tech and energy management (to name but a few), next year’s expo focus is on education and professional development.
Bringing experience and know-how from trusted brands by the creators of AWRE, Security Exhibition & Conference, DesignBUILD and designEX, these heavy weights will provide inspirational platforms to help small businesses attending and exhibiting.
If you want to know the real bells and whistles of data, here’s the information: 200+ exhibitors; two days of seminars, education, presentation and key notes; over 2400 visitors, 65%+ exhibitors that generate lead values at more than $26 million. In addition, the event website claims and boasts an impressive 94% of visitors recommend this expo to their colleagues.

(the cleanest expo booth, we just had to use!)

The website includes the full exhibition requirements and forms for you to submit. Also keep in mind the technology and facilities criteria that the organizers provide, if you’re looking to host a booth. Any additional requirements you have, make sure you submit these early to avoid tech mishaps and installations being incorrect sizes.  The floor plan (at the time of this blog post) isn’t available so request this through the email form. It’s all about location, location, location. The last thing you want is to be hidden away in a corner so try request a position near the bathrooms (toilets), food areas and exits. This way, you’re guaranteed great foot traffic.
A final tip:  Ask the expo organizers if you can mail all your promotional materials, business cards and display visuals to be delivered directly to your booth. This way, you’re not carrying a huge amount of luggage (with extra travel fees) and can call the expo a day or so beforehand to confirm delivery.
Finally, since the expo is so close in proximity to a Sydney affordable boutique hotel, check Cremorne Point Manor’s rates to book early for your expo stay. We have many business travelers stay with us, regularly so you'll be in good company and you won't melt your corporate credit card. With a maximum 20 minute drive between both destinations, you can be assured that you’re not spending all your time traveling, as we all know expos will have you on your feet for a good 16 hours a day, each day. At the Manor, it’s our job to make sure you have your feet up in a lounge chair or on a bed, overlooking the Harbour skyline. Check our home page video for a preview…of the view. No wonder Tripadvisor gave the Manor a 4th consecutive year Certificate of Excellence award.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Feeling Grand For Inspiring Designs?

Returning yet again to popular demand, Grand Designs Live 2014 will be open to the public in Sydney on 24 – 26 October.  As a spin off from the TV series, this is a great three day event where you can find the best ideas and advice to pamper up your abode. Alongside meeting and chatting with TV celebrities from the series, there are a multitude of exhibition demos and booths that will get you reconsidering that mossy green wall paper in the spare room.
With over 200 exhibitors with hundreds of products at the show, this is an ideal way to either ponder about a full home refurbishment or focus on one area that requires that extra touch of decorating pzazz.
The show includes all areas of home décor from interiors to kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor and building. This year, the exhibition features a new upgrade called Designs Arcade. This is where you can snoop around for house wares from the country’s up and coming designers. It’s a great way to support local talents and grab some unique catches that may one day, be a collector’s item!

Looking to make those small spaces sparkle and need ideas on decluttering? Don’t we all! There will be a dedicated focus on nooks and crannies, storage innovation and how to blend colour. Once you get started, there will be no stopping you so maybe take photos of each room and outdoor area of your home to show these to the designers, and they can give you solid advice on décor options.
Prime TV celeb, Kevin McCloud will also be walking the floors and talking at the expo in the Lifestyle Channel Grand Theatre so you better book your tickets early. The VIP tickets have sold out but the other tier tickets between $75 and $115 AUD are still available.
Check the website’s What’s On page which includes specifics about showcase events such as the Tech Box, Design Arcade, Sustainability Stage and Grand Show Gardens, just so you don’t miss out on anything.
The beauty of all who are visiting Sydney on business or for fun, is that the expo’s taking place at the Conference and Exhibition Center. So what better way to end each day than taking a short ferry ride to an affordable, boutique Sydney hotel and be inspired by the sun setting over the famous Harbour Bridge. If you check out Cremorne Point Manor’s website home page, take a look at the quick visual tour of the hotel and surrounding views. Inspiring doesn’t even begin to describe it!