Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Going underground (going underground)…Film Festival

If you're a movie buff and are in Sydney from 15-18 September, make a date to grab your popcorn for the Sydney Underground Film Festival. From indie, unique, film noir, black comedy and pure creativity, the program line up will provide mind bending movies. Alongside the films are sessions including live guests, Q&A's, the obviously hyped opening and closing parties, special events and bringing together fabulous non-blockbusters in big screen unity.

Taking place at the Factory Theater, Marrickville, tickets are now on sale form $16 for individual movies, to $53 for the opening night extravaganza, bulk films at $47, closing night and select day tickets...alongside concession prices. You can also pay $16 for a master class program, or screenwriting class at $26.

The master class takes place on the Saturday and Sunday, hosted by Sydney Film School. This is the second annual class event of its type and will give you the tools to guide you towards that (one day) Oscar nod. There are various session classes including screenwriting with Gordy Hoffman, a conceptualization technique class, DIY film making, and drone cinematography. The two days are jam packed so bring your tablet and get ready to make notes. maybe you'll start building up that inner Cohen brothers script? It's also a great way to network with novice and experienced film makers and hey, you may end up partnering with a few. By the time 2017 rolls around, that treatment may be ready for submitting to major studios!

Starting with the opening movie 'Wiener-Dog' at 6.00 pm on the 15th, Todd Solondz brings back the beloved character Dawn Wiener, a geeky kid from the Welcome to Dollhouse film. If you're a fan of canines and observational humor, then this is a movie you've got to see.

With nearly 60 films playing, and John Waters closing flick 'Multiple maniacs,' its a series of original and artistic line ups, back to back. Most movies are around 90 minutes but the marathon Saturday 'seriously, buy the supersized popcorn' schedule includes Snow Monkey, lasting a walloping 148 minutes. The movies on this all-day-and-nighter kick off at 9.30 am and the curtain closes at around 11.30 pm, give or take standing ovation time.

It'll take you an hour by public transport from the festival to Cremorne Point but the scenic ferry ride over the Harbour will absolutely be worth it. And if you want to see a short film (1.30 minutes) we put together, check this link to our stunning Five Star Cremorne Point Manor Penthouse. And the award for best cinematographer goes to...

Monday, August 15, 2016

Sydney’s Complimentary Goods Line – Walk the Walk

If you’ve ever walked along New York’s High Line, and played around with the Lego field, or sneaked a peek through apartment windows (guilty as charged), then the Sydney Goods Line is going to absolutely be your cup of tea.

Offering day celebration near towards mid month, the award winning urban planning team is inviting you to wow over the stunning Goods Line path. Connecting Central and Railway Square with Darling Harbour, the Line has proven to be so much more than a strolling A to B scenic trot or daily commute to work.

From 9am – 4pm on the 11th, there will be music, entertainment, educational talks, demonstrations, fitness (no yoga mat or TRX suspensions needed) and games galore.  The Line opened in 2015 and has bought in hundreds of thousands of visitors weekly to adore the views. On the big day, cheer on table tennis competitions, build a cardboard city, caffeine yourself to the hilt with coffee tastings and learn about educational tours. You can design your ideal city (ours would be Willy Wonka themed, just so you know), thrive off botanical tours and grab food from the Powerhouse Museum’s Junction CafĂ© or snack on street (truck) food.

As part of the Sydney Design Festival 2016, if you’ve never strolled along the Line in either NYC or Sydney, this is a day to mark in your calendar. It’s free, it’s going to be fabulous and it’ll get those leg muscles into gear. Remember to #sdf16 when you’re tweeting @syddes during the day. And take pics to tweet us at Cremorne Point Manor so we can RT out in support!

Only 14 minutes by car or 45 minutes with buses and a gorgeous ferry ride across the Harbour, you’ll be right back at Cremorne Point and our Manor. Stop off at Circular Quay during the trip and walk around the Opera House. If you have no fear of heights, you’ve got to take the Bridge climb.

Since you’ll still be in high gear, the next day check out Wendy Whiteleys Secret Gardens, take a dip in the famous Maccallum Pool or spend a brilliant one hour walk to our sister hotel, Glenferrie Lodge, in achingly hip Kirribilli. It’s located on the same street as the Prime Minister’s residence and near Admiralty House.

Isn’t it obvious that this blog post’s theme is all about the adrenaline rush or one foot in front of the other and increasing your stamina? Don’t thank us…thank Goods Line for their generous freebie gesture!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wine, Dine and Speed Meet in September

We found a really unique event and its ideal for anyone who likes to eat! It’s a Sydney Wine-Dine speed event, and doesn’t focus so much on dating but hey – you never know what can happen by the time dessert schleps itself out the fridge. Get ready for the 3rd September where ‘girls are hosting’ and ‘guys are roaming’ for this dinner soiree. It’s a date you seriously don’t want to miss.

Here’s the scoop: you’re a local wanting to meet new people, or travelling to Sydney and interested in seeing how the other half live…or are a nosey parker and love to check out other people’s culinary skills. Then this is the event for you! Each group of three friends (3 guys, 3 gals etc) sign up for $50 each on the site. On the 3rd September, three gals will host a three course meal. Three guys will show up for the 1st course, then potter off to the next three females home for the main course and finally skedaddle to the last three girls home for dessert. While they’re doing this, the gals in the first home that just served the testosterone infused appetizers will now be hosting another three guys for the main course, and a final three guys for dessert. The gals make the food, the guys bring the wine or spirits, the resident dog gets to eat the leftovers and the resident cat stares in judgment. Everyone’s a winner.
The organizers plan the dinner courses by geographical location so guys aren’t traipsing one hour across town with a stomach still ready to be filled. The homes for each courses is around 15 minutes apart – we’re not sure if that’s by walking, car or Dreamliner.

What may transpire is that a guy and gal are interested in each other during the first course, but now she’s entertaining (with her two BFF’s) the next round of food guests. So how can they reunite afterwards? Or maybe he meets someone else at dessert. The mind boggles on how this event can make new relationships and cause heart racing adrenaline. But with the organizers have come to the rescue: the after party is at Donny’s (Manly area) so all foodies can reunite and continue with the banter.

How about you’re venturing into a new career path and hey-ho, one of the gals hosting is CEO of a fantastic software company you’d love to work at? These dinners could be game changers – in knowing more about your fellow locals, budding romances and introducing newcomers to the city.

Remember to tweet Wine-Dine and Cremorne Point Manor how the evening’s taking you. And since the 3rd September falls on a Saturday, how about pampering yourselves after the shin dig with an overnight staycay at our Manor, only 20 minutes from Manly. The bonus ball: We’ll be doing the cooking for breakfast so make sure you book through our website for guaranteed, glorious morning nosh! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sydney’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas in September

The title of this well respected festival sounds ominous yet on the 3rd and 4th September, the Opera House will insight you with more details. For now, we’re giving you the dramatic overview of what to expect so brace yourselves!

The eighth consecutive Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) is a boundary pusher weekend with the who’s who of speakers coming in droves around the planet. Knowledge is power and at FODI, you’ll be enlightened about low down dirty politics (is there any other type?), vanishing countries and disruptive behavior that affects landscape, the economy and wars. We’re not just talking about the mysterious Bilderberg Group but also about how Brexit’s knock on effect changes the world, border control damages hope and underlying strengths that are positively impacting a snowball of tumbleweeds.

Our planet is in turbulent times from terrorism, crime, corruption and an abundance of natural disasters. These events affect our culture, ethics, morals, way of thinking and our free will in rising above these… or being sucked into the cyclone. We find this event incredibly interesting because it covers all bases and isn’t designed to scare the living daylights out of you. Its focus is to provide the information and open food for thought so you are better informed. Topics are set into a very simple timetable per day, hour slot and subject matter by the expert alongside details about purchasing single or multi tickets.

From a panel about Breaking a Rule a Day, to America coming apart and Apple vs the FBI (that’ll be a good one!) to Water Wars. Henry Rollins will also present about Blood Sports while Jesse Bering taps into ‘Suicide is Social’ and the impact it makes to a three degrees of separation spin-off effect. How about Laura Secor’s Dissent in Iran? Or Lev Grossman’s There Are No Good Books?

We love that a true hard hitting event is returning to Sydney; a city renowned for free and liberal thinking, solid cultural diversity and intelligent beings who question everything in society. Sydney is ideal for this festival and it attracts thousands in droves to learn, challenge and spread the debate.
The festival will be a pure brain rush and the conversations will be going on long after the weekend is over. So if you want to get your back brain into gear and attend a truly insightful two day mind power, this is the place to be.

The festival will be taxing on the brain so we highly advise you to hop onto a 10 minute ferry ride back to Cremorne Point afterwards, settle back on our balcony and take in the Harbour sunset with a glass of vino in hand. The world will still be turning tomorrow but a crisp chardonnay may be the best informed decision you make when you relax at Cremorne Point Manor.  Trust us, we’re experts on topics such as Relax, Enjoy and Breathe…

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We're featured in Expedia's Australia Blog!!

Australia is famous the world over for its beach culture. However, the beach can mean many different things to different people. Our location on the North Shore of Sydney Harbour, Cremorne Point Manor is the ideal starting point from which you can experience two different beaches representing two totally different aspects of Australian culture.

The closest beach is Balmoral Beach, adjacent to the Botanical Gardens and Taronga Zoo. Balmoral Beach is a beautiful harbour beach surrounded by parklands. Its enclosed designated swimming areas make it a safe place to take the kids, while the adults can try snorkelling or sailing. The beach is also famous for its fresh fish and chips.

Manly Beach, a short ferry ride away from the CBD of Sydney or accessible by bus, is bigger and more popular with tourists, backpackers and Sydney locals. Kids can play on the quieter harbour side or brave the wild waters on the beach side. Wandering the markets, shops and restaurants along the pedestrianised Corso mall makes for a perfect weekend afternoon activity.

Cremorne Point Manor offers you easy access to these varied beach experiences, along with stunning views of Sydney Harbour and all the amenities you will need for a perfect holiday. For this reason we were thrilled to be recently included in an article by Expedia on 'Australia's Best Beach Accommodation'.

Cremorne Point Manor: This restored 19th-century guesthouse offers spectacular harbour views across Mosman Bay to Sydney’s iconic skyline. Situated on one of the North Shore’s quiet leafy streets, it’s just a 20-minute drive to Manly Beach. Soak off the sand in your private spa bath or hot tub. The penthouse suite is ideal for longer stays, with two glamourous bedrooms, a full kitchen and spacious balcony with harbour views.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You Ready for World Time Attack Challenge?

If you’re in the Sydney area on October 14th and 15th, and you’re a magnet for fast sports, the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) has your name written all over it. It started in 2008 when Ian Baker organized the first Superlap Australia event after visiting Japan and competing with the Hi Octane racing team. He loved the scene, the adrenaline and realised that Australia was now ready for this feat.
The objective was to create a huge international event where the best global time attack teams compete on the same track, at the same time. These cars are fast so get ready for the rest of the story…

Not only was the tuning shops to be at quick fire speed but the winners of this race would win the World Time Attack Championship title. The first Aussie WTAC was held two years later and generated huge success. Competing against the Japanese and Americans, PanSpeed and R-Magic took to the race and scored their best times. With hype underway, sponsors came on board fast and spectators gravitated from all around the world, setting records for each event. 

It’s not a cheap motorsport to maintain but since it’s less costly than running a race series in any other class, more international superstars came on board to compete. So in October, you’ll not only get to scream for your winning motorsport idol but this 500m race will see the highest top speed crowned a winner. Fast and furious doesn’t even describe it. Speed of light may be the most appropriate explanation. 

This lunchtime event also features Turbo Legends and after the race, you can check out the stunt driving exhibitions alongside drifting demos and iconic motors on show. Exhibitors will be there offering expert advice, flogging all relevant motor gear and providing knowledge on turbos, wheels, and anything that sounds like a testosterone infused vroom vroom vroom. But wait…there’s more! The largest outdoor car show in Australia will be featured including vintage to classics, modern performance cars and over the top custom builds that cost a small fortune, or 90210 hefty mortgage. Tickets are reasonably priced so it won’t damage your month end credit card bill.

Sydney Motorsport Park is a decent 45 minute drive from Cremorne Point but you’re going to drive safely and sensibly there and back to our Cremorne Point Manor, right? If you’re looking for a finale, end of day adrenaline boost, take a peek at the view of the Harbour from our guest patio. Life may be speeding by on wheels but as the sun goes down in Sydney, it’ll be the biggest rush you’ll experience all day. Remember to tweet WTAC and our Manor with pics.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Good Food & Wine Show Returns To Olympic Park

From the 5th – 7th August (10am – 6pm on Saturday and 10am – 5pm Sunday), the Showground at Sydney Olympic Park is hosting the ultimate food & vino lovers festival.

If you’re a foodie fanatic or budding sommelier, then the Sydney Good Food & Wine Show is the two day event you must attend. The country’s finest food producers, wineries and chefs team up for a smashing weekend of gluttony.

Prices are $27+ for adults, from $18.90 for kids, family packs & concessions. No kid is too young to be learning about nosh so bring along the munchkins for a full day (or two) and learn from the best in the business.

One of our favourite agenda line ups of the festival is the celebs & experts, especially the ones on the stage running demos and throwing the audience tiddlers of food along the way. This year’s lineup includes Alastair McLeod, of Irish descent and presenter of Ready Steady Cook. Then there’s Kirrily Waldhorn (aka Beer Diva) who knows the full history of brewing and will update you on a few myths along the way. As the editor of BeerStyle.com.au and VP of Pink Boots Society, supporting women in the beer industry, Kirrily will no doubt keep the audience entertained. Amongst others, there will be Nick Haddow, founder of Bruny Island Cheese Co who will co-present at the cheese master classes. Known as one of the best cheese makers in Oz, he’s sure to get your goat (and cow) with a few churning tricks up his sleeve.

If you’re feeling peckish by now, make a note to head to the Grazing Garden and grab a bite – a necessity after such extensive walking around the expo, tasting samples by hundreds of exhibitors. 

Remember to check the website for a list of all exhibitors, what’s playing at the Good Food Theater, memorize a few event highlights such as Brewers Lane and be involved in Cellar Door – the wine appreciation sessions.

It won’t take you more than 30 minutes to get back to Cremorne Point from the Park. And if you’ve worked the expo, you should have quite a few samples – enough to make a late evening picnic on our balcony at Cremorne Point Manor. The views are stunning, the Harbour will be lit up and you’ll be fressing on delicacies that only the expo can offer in abudance. So raise a glass and remember that wine is officially one serving of your daily 5 – it’s all about the grapes.