Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Vivid Technology Meets Entrepreneurs

If you’re heading to Sydney between 22 May and 8 June and you’re a budding entrepreneur, bursting with innovation, then you must check out Vivid Sydney 2015 Ideas. The REMIX event also takes place between 2-3 June, a global summer for creative industries exploring the glue that drives culture, technology and entrepreneurship.  Discussing big ideas, this event has been coined the ‘TED for the arts.’  Back and left brain thinking will be the attributes for the 2 day event so get your inner genius thinking-cap on. 
For Vivid Technology, the schedule on 24 May starts with the Story of the Light – The Astronomer’s Perspective.  Following this on the 25 May is ‘Creating and Innovating with Technology in the Classroom – with Gary Stager’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art. If your brain is now reaching 80% capacity, get ready for the 25 May’s ‘What is the Value of Visual Literacy in the Workplace.’

We’re a big fan of the 3 June event where Stefan Sagmeister, one of the world’s most iconic designers, will be discussing design futures with global creative industry leaders. Stefan’s worked with clients such as the Rolling Stones, HBO and also received two Grammy’s for packaging design work with Talking Heads, Brian Eno and David Byrne.

If storytelling is your vice, then it’s a must see to attend Matthew Weiner on 31 May for a Q&A. This multi Emmy winning writer created Mad Men and a former exec producer on the Sopranos. Great TV doesn’t just come from a fantastic storyline – it also forms iconic characters that mold our viewing into realisms of trend setting and a can-do attitude.

If you believe you’re the next Steve Jobs, then the ‘ThinkFeel Create’ seminar on 24 May is something to add to your calendar. This is a highly charged workshop (mini incubator style) where you expand your thinking and sketch business ideas. It’ll help you fine tune your vision and decipher if your solution addresses a customer problem. The workshop also includes hard core tips on how to establish your business so when you leave, you’re absolutely geared up for entrepreneurial greatness.

Have a rummage around the event website for all the other seminars taking place and while you’re online, make your reservation at a Sydney boutique hotel. Inspiration doesn’t come from just talking; it’s also from generating inspiration about your future business ideas. We guarantee that you’ll be reflecting on a new career while you look at the stunning Sydney skyline from Cremorne Point Manor. If that doesn’t whet your appetite for positive business domination, then the roaring lions at the nearby Taronga Zoo pretty much guarantees an extra supportive cheer.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Music to Your Ears at Opera House Festival

From June 27th to July 4th, the Australian International Music Festival hits Sydney. Now in its 26th year, the Festival is one of NSW’s favourite ear ringing events. With up to 1300 participants annually, the festival hits Sydney alongside touring Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Cuba. The groups performing include Aussie natives, China, Singapore and Japan so the eclectic style is diverse and culturally inspiring.
Even though there are a multitude of music styles on stage, the focus magnifies wind bands, choirs, jazz and orchestra. If you’ve never experienced an event at the Opera House, you’re in for a serious treat! Not only is this our adored choice of venue, but you can also check out the other music events taking place at the Angel Palace (City Recital Hall) and Darling Harbour. 

It’s not just a ‘perch your rear and watch’ festival…you can also be involved in the workshops and cultural exchanges. So if you’re a budding musician or lover of great sounds, you can dually share passions and insights with some of these leading performers.

Over the seven days, there will also be a flurry of awards by the festival jury including Gold, Silver or Bronze plaques at the concert performances. This is alongside the Showcase Award category for groups that prefer to abstain from competing.  More information about the Australian International Music Festival Awards, including band submission details, is featured on this link. It also showcases the full rundown of event activities, workshops, outdoor pops concert and band rehearsal exchanges. 

Prices for the Sydney Opera House tickets are $33 for standard submission for June 27th – 29th and performances run for 3 hours including a one 30 minute interval. 

Since Cremorne Point Manor is located just a short ferry ride from the Opera House, you can dance your way back to our Sydney boutique hotel in under 10 minutes. Overlooking the Harbour and stunning skyline, check out our home page short video. It’ll make your heart skip a great beat!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Like to Ride my Bicycle

We’re all for an eco friendly lifestyle so obviously, greatly support Sydney Rides Business Challenge.  Starting 23 March and running to 19 April, NSW is striving for more local businesses and tourists to encourage their employees to cycle around the city. Not only is this healthy and fun, but it’s also faster than driving or taking a bus. This freebie near month event gets the whole city rallying together.

The Challenge competition pushes more workmates to ride bikes and win a prize. All you need to do is cycle 10 minutes a day (or more) and you may be the proud owner of a freebie offering, including a new set of two wheels, at a $2800 value.  Just register on the site and log your trip duration so you can start to climb the leaderboard.  Additional prizes aren’t shabby at all. They include a trip for two to Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, 360 Membership to the fitness facilities and prizes including this upcoming week’s range:  Flying Trapeze Workshop, Whale Watching/Jet Boat and a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb - not ideal for anyone who’s so scared of heights, standing on tiptoes makes them queasy.

The more teams that get involved, the better the chance of grabbing group prizes. Fancy winning a Penny Farthing Bike Rack? Or a workplace massage for the whole team? How about an Electric Bike Tour for up to 8 people? Yep, these prizes are pushing you to get that bike out and start peddling - the rewards are more than enough to get you spinning around the city, while your adrenaline races ahead.

If you have a pet, take a photo of you and your furry friend on the bike to enter for a $75 gift voucher at Pets Palace.  Not ridden a bike in over 12 months? You could win one of 500 cinema tickets if you enter to win. We’re not sure how anyone can prove they’ve not ridden in a year but we presume the ‘wobbly photo meets petrified face’ entry image may be a giveaway clue.

Keep checking the Sydney Rides Business Challenge leaderboard which is currently showing Atlassian as the front runner. No bugs on their helmets, for sure! With over 270 organizations and nearly 4,000 people registering, NSW has collectively racked up over 142,000km with a walloping 8,646 trips.

For all visitors staying in our Sydney boutique hotel, you can rent bikes and join in the mayhem. Keeping with the eco theme, we’re a short ferry ride from the Harbour so store your bike on the ferry and once you reach our neck of the woods, you can ride around Cremorne Point.  The views of downtown, Harbour and Opera House are incredible so ask our staff for the best scenic points.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fancy Heading to a Picnic Market?

Yes, you heard us right…NSW is taking markets and picnics to a dually combined new level.  Sydney’s Picnic Markets is simply an outdoor event so you can buy, sell, get fresh air and hob nob with locals. It’s pretty much a case of “if it’s on your blanket…it’s for sale!”
Maybe you’re a tourist, traveling through the city and looking to buy. Or heading to the area and possibly want to offload a bunch of items so you have more room in your luggage case for your next journey. How about the family spring cleaning soiree, where you can bundle up all those toys that are jammed in the cupboard under the stairs. Yes, this is the event for you if any or all the above brings an ‘aha’ to mind.

The concept behind the event is a logical solution to recycling and combat waste in the area. This is especially for the inner city folk who don’t have a garage to host a sale.  It’s also perfect for budding artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity and innovation with a friendly community.

The event takes place every third Sunday so the next one’s set for 19th April from 11am to 4pm at Prince Alfred Park. Book your stall, for $25 AUD, at this link and you’re good to go. You can start setting up your picnic stall after 1030am which is great since you don’t need to be schlepping items to display hours beforehand, and can have a bit of a sleep in. You can rent a picnic blanket for just $5 but tables and chairs are discouraged as the height proportions lose the essence of being able to view all the stalls. Anyone attending: the event is free but account that there are no food stalls so buyers and sellers, bring your own snacks.

We love the idea of the Picnic Market as it’s such an innovative way to mingle with locals, and for tourists – you can see how the other world live. Maybe there are old world Aussie stories they’ll tell you about how the selling artifact has been passed through generations, or collector’s items that are native to the country.  The only items you won’t find are the commercially manufactured ones, adding to the Market’s unique approach for all things authentic. 

With the Park located just 22 minutes drive or 35 minutes by train/ferry to a Sydney boutique hotel, what better way to unwind after a sociable day than at Cremorne Point Manor.  As a visitor, not only will you have yapped with the locals, maybe learning new tips and cultures along the way, but you can also take in the stunning scenery. The Manor overlooks the incredible Harbour Bridge, downtown city skyline and Opera House.  Tripadvisor’s awarded the Manor a Certificate of Excellence, for the 4th consecutive year, which is no walk in the park…unless you’re heading to a picnic.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fashion Week Sydney, dahlings!

If you’re an all-things-wearable fan, then you need to be in NSW between 12 – 19 April for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia The who’s who of fashion designers, models and celebrities will be strutting their stuff at Carriageworks on Wilson Street. They’ll be showing you what you’ll be wearing over the next few seasons so whatever you show up in, it’ll be SO last year. 
Celebrating the 20th anniversary, this year will be a huge extravaganza yet if you can’t grab a front row seat, you can check the highlights broadcast at Pitt Street Mall. Also make a note in your diary for the 18 – 19 April weekend signature public event that features global designers from Berlin, New York, Miami and Istanbul. 

Kicking off with models over 5’10” on the 12th is the Runway opener followed the next day by the official welcome. The opening show will include Strateas.Carlucci, Swarovski and Watson X Watson, to name but a few brands. On the 14th, you can check out the industry seminars and runways by Ginger & Smart, Han and Zhivago. With industry seminars most days and a flurry of showcases back to back, you really do need to ensure you have a change of clothing for each runway – or at least turn your jacket inside out as a double up makeshift Plan B attempt.

There’s a who’s who line up of sponsors including MAC, Ciroc and Redken. We’re not sure if there are goodie bags for attendees at the public event but we expect there will be product placement giveaways and retail therapy opportunities for ticket holders.

After a few long days of weighing up what’s hot, what’s not and how maxed out your credit card is, you’ll need to tone down on the spending spree. This is where Sydney’s boutique hotel comes into play. One of the most affordable 4 star hotels in Cremorne Point, in a glamorous residential area, you can create your own runway during a short walk to the ferry. Just a few minutes ride to and from the Harbour and overlooking the stunning Sydney skyline, Opera House and Bridge, the views are priceless.  If you think stardom glitz is just for catwalk viewing…think again. Check our home page video showing sensational aerial views from the Manor.  Kick off those heels and enjoy the video show!