Thursday, December 1, 2016

Chinese New Year Celebrations

From January 27 to February 12th the Lunar New Year Festival will feature over 80 events for one of NSW’s most glorious and globe attracting festivals: Sydney’s Chinese New Year Celebrations. Most of the exhibitions and entertainment are free, alongside seeing the hugely popular Dragon Boat Races in the Harbour. Boats are 12 meters long with up to 20 paddlers and the drums will be banging as they speed to the finishing line. Want to know the full Chinese New Year scoop? Let’s get started!

This is the city’s 21st anniversary and for 2017, the Year of the Rooster will ensure you’re up at the crack of dawn to check out the massive Lunar Lanterns, representing all animal’s in the zodiac. Attracting over one million people, the Sydney event is the largest outside of China. So if you want to find your animal zodiac, remember to scout around the lanterns and hunt for the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, money, dog, pig and obviously the crème de la 2017 crème….rooster. 

Last year, major landmarks were illuminated red, the Chinese symbol for luck and prosperity. To date, the organizers are yet to promote the full line up schedule but we do know there will be a ton of pop up food festivals, street food markets and a city swaddled by Chinese lanterns.

The Dragon Boat racing has become an institution of China for over 2000 years and classified as an international sport. Taking place around Cockle Bay Wharf in Darling Harbour, the crowds will be multiple layers knee deep, cheering on the racers. Once you’ve screamed yourself hoarse, you can head into Darling Harbour for the Chinese Garden of Friendship. There will be a multitude of workshops, tours and demonstrations taking place, to educate you on the Chinese culture and history over this two week period. And if you want music to your ears, the Chinese Chamber Music Festival will entertain you with melodic tunes from both international and local artists within the gardens.

Tai Chi classes will be available or try out acrobatic lion dancing (a symbol of good luck and fortune). If a tad of peace and quiet is required, the traditional tea ceremony in silence may be your calling. And for kids’ entertainment, they can learn how to make rooster inspired puppets in the Monkey Tales attraction…and take them home for keeps! There are admission fees for garden entry: from $6 for adults, $3 per child (under 12’s) and family, concession and senior packages.

Take a ferry ride over that same race water in the Harbour and within 10 minutes, you’ll be at Cremorne Point. The only time you don’t want to be seeing red is if you check Cremorne Point Manor’s accommodation availability too late…and we’re booked up! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Prepare for a Field Day on 1st January

 We’re not even into the glorious month of December, where everyone is frantically searching for overpriced gifts, drinking too much eggnog and praying that extra piece of Christmas cake doesn’t turn into a few extra lbs on the stomach – oh what joy! Our Manor is getting booked up fast for next month as we have the best views of the New Year’s fireworks from Cremorne Point. But how about making plans now for the 1st of January when the mayhem dies down and the hangover rises up: Since you’ll be staying at our affordable boutique Sydney hotel, why not go the extra resolution mile and start New Year’s Day with a splash?

When we’re talking about a splash, we really mean a ‘get your 2017 adrenaline on the right energetic and healthy track’ type of event! Field Day Sydney is the place to be and located at The Domain, this event is now in its umpteenth year of success. Launching in 2002, the organisers decided to bring in the New Year with a bang: in the sun, enjoying the grassy gardens and smothering you in heart pumping indie, hip hop, house and electronic music. The festival is for ages 18+ and 2017’s line up is a who’s who: from Alison Wonderland to Booka Shade, Childish Gambino and Giraffage and around 30 other artists bringing a hippy hippy shake smile to your January face. That’ll burn off the December body weight for sure.

Tickets are $140 with VIP prices at $190. The entry cost may sound steep but remember, if you’re going to be celebrating the fireworks from Cremorne Point Manor, you’ve saved yourself a bundle on 31st December entertainment costs elsewhere in the expensive downtown district. And what better way to bring in 2017 than dancing through the day and evening. Also account that the event organizers are serious about environmental preservation with their sustainability policies, energy consumption, water usage and waste management. They guarantee you’ll have a great time while also paying forward to our planet so expect to see a mass array of recycling facilities. Dance on the grass, not on trash – that’s the new motto we just made up that perfectly describes Field Day. And your entry price helps Fuzzy Entertainment (the organisers) to donate trees to Centennial Parklands and Botanic Gardens in Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne.

The grounds will have a fully licensed bar (including non alcoholic drinks), alongside a flurry of food stalls to keep your energy levels on high alert. They’ll also offer free water, always a lovely H2O benefit, and bundles of merchandise for sale. If you’re a delicate musical wall flower, free earplugs will be available. 2016 is nearly SO last year and 2017’s Field Day should now already be on your calendar.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Meet Your Four Wheel Hero This December

One of the year’s coolest festivals is the MotorWorld Sydney event from the 1st to 4th December. An event for all the family, it brings together the best interactive car enthusiasts passion of motors with a huge ‘I must be involved’ magnetic pull: you can test drive one of your heroic cars on the track, road or off-road circuit! Compare brands, models, the feel of the car, how you + the machine bond and if the pedal to the metal gives you the rush you were always praying for. Alternatively, you can check out those wish list cars through a series of demonstrations during the event if a test run is maybe a bit too much for you. Thinking this was the highlight of the event, there’s more:

When you buy tickets on the website, you not only confirm to participate in this first ever mega test fest, giving you priority access to the cars (remember that spots are limited) but…this event is most likely the world’s biggest test fest, and the first to collaborate with both the public and media (journalist) reviews. There will be around 10,000 test drives from over 100 cars through the four days.

And there’s even more…Test drivers can also be part of the CarAdvice test team. The website explains more information about this but it includes the public test drivers determining best categories of the cars on show, including the best compact SUV, best performance car under $60k and reviewing 4WD cars in the Dirt Drive on gravel tracks. You may be checking out firsthand the newest Tesla Model S or end up with the glory of all glories: Jaguar F-Pace. Who know what car you’ll be test driving. And here's something to think about...

Entry prices are a reasonable $49 per day or $110 for a family pass. This includes access to all event activities, the Holy Grail test drives, live demos, competitions, entertainment for the family, live music and an outdoor cinema. Parking is free so that’s an extra bonus. And if you really want to end 2016 with a splash, for $290 per day, you can be a member of the VIP Grid Club, that features free food, drinks, priority access to the Sports Car Super Sessions and access to the Sun Deck.

There are many ladies day events including the Mamamia Women’s Choice Award, Ladies Day Exclusive Drive Experiences and Ladies Day Cocktail Party. We’re not sure why there are so many events for women aside the obvious: women always make the final decision on the next car purchase!

The event is located at Ferrers Road, Eastern Creek, NSW and it’ll only take you 50 minutes to drive there from Cremorne Point. Then return back to our stunning Cremorne Point Manor, switch the car for leg therapy and take a hike around our sensational walking trails. The cars, the speed and the motors at the festival will be phenomenal but the ride of your life will absolutely be from the adrenaline, as you view the most incredible Harbour skyline from our spot of the city.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A History of Aussie Christmas Traditions

Last week, we wrote a blog post about way-back-when Christmas in Australia’s historical moments defined how Aussies celebrate the latter part of December. Now onto the second and final part of memory lane, it’s good to know how tradition has served the country well during gift giving season.

With the southern hemisphere providing a warm summer down under during December, a senior historian confirmed this sunny Christmas style reverts back to the mid 1800’s. Early British settlers pined for home with snow filled streets but had to make the most of the warmer climate. Dr Brown (senior research fellow in the Australian National University’s History Program) confirmed that “from very early on, Christmas in Australia was a secular festival and about family; it focused on the outdoors, on recreation.”

Dating back to mid 19th century Britain, he says, Queen Victoria (or rather her husband, Prince Albert) seemed responsible for introducing the Christmas tree. This was in England in the 1840’s, yet the tradition was of German custom. Maybe you didn’t know this but at this same time, Christmas cards were also introduced. The overall focus was on family values, sentimentality and childhood.

Obviously Christmas existed way before then but was usually celebrated in church by way of sermons. Only until the 19th century did it become a public holiday and a family occasion outside of the church.

So even though the Aussies were greatly influenced by this British Christmas soiree, new Aussie locals decided to add a different flavour…literally. Around the 1950’s Aussies gave out Christmas cards with Santa pulled by a kangaroo instead and then headed to the bush, cutting down big swags of leaves (usually eucalyptus), tying them around the house.

Ham and cockatoo pie swiftly became the norm, as a staple alternative to the great British Christmas meal. Another long term custom included bringing local flora and eating local fauna.

Having an outdoor Christmas in the summery December, over the past century, is standard and the Aussies believe that it’s a ‘golden summer,’ with many of their heritage British traditions simply being tweaked to accommodate the climate and natural resources.

This year, if you’re celebrating Christmas in Sydney, not only do we encourage you to head to the beach and spend the 25th making snowmen sandcastles, but also enjoy some healthy Vitamin D on your skin while you sit back on our veranda overlooking Cremorne Point, and chomp on that ham & cockatoo pie. You’ll enjoy a holiday season that’s upside down, back to front and now reading this…it absolutely makes sense.  What a wonderful way to spend the holiday with us at Cremorne Point Manor! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It’s A Wonderful Life: Sydney Christmas

With everyone now pushing hard for Christmas ‘where to go’ and ‘what to do’ attractions, we all know that the usual suspect tree lighting, carol singing and eggnog gluttony will take place.

So as with the Wonderful Life theme, we’re going down memory lane and recapping the best of Sydney’s history at this wondrous time of the year. Maybe you’ll find some events bring up your own experience of times when you impacted someone else’s life, or you get a booster of reliving those amazing memories you’ve now buried. Let’s go back to the past and see what stirs your neurological holiday season feel-good triggers:

The movie Bush Christmas, starring Chips Rafferty came out in 1947. Since then it’s been a TV staple, including the remake Prince & The Great Race with Nicole Kidman. Then there’s Miracle Down Under, with John Waters (telecast Bushfire Moon), which has been playing since 1987.

You must remember all the children’s stories including ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, A Christmas Carol and Wombat Divine. Then there’s the recent addition Aussie Night Before Christmas. Resurging childhood memories? Yes, we thought so.

Since 1950, the Boxing Day Test on December 26th is a huge Aussie staple. Massively attended for over 65 years in the stadium and millions watching from their homes, it’s over half a century of tradition. Seeing and raising the Test match comes one of the planet’s most prestigious ocean races: Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, also on Boxing Day from Sydney Harbour.

If warbling makes you go all Christmassy weak at the knees, the tradition of Aussie Christmas Eve carols including candles galore, was spearheaded in 1937 by Norman Banks, a radio announcer. When’s the last time you carol sung under a Christmas tree or went door to door, freaking out the neighbours by just tipping up without an invitation? How retro!

For decades, Sydney locals and tourists have been flocking to Bondi Beach, spending the 25th bouncing in the ocean and sand castling themselves into oblivion. Did you know that around 40,000 people visit this beach on Crimbo day?

Now you’ve experienced the holiday season Part 1, next week we’ll include more historic and unique Aussie centric Christmas blasts from the past. And remember that Cremorne Point has one of the BEST NYE firework viewing spots so we highly suggest you book your end of 2016 accommodation as soon as possible at Cremorne Point Manor. It’s a future history in the making!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Prepare To Get Your Freak On – Horror Film Festival

We’d personally prefer thriller or comedy type of entertainment on the big screen but if you think Halloween finishes 11.59pm on the 31st October…think again.

From the 24th November right through to 4th December, Deadhouse Film is presenting a Night of Horror International Film Festival. Not exactly a night…more like a week of bone chillers across the country that hits Sydney during these dates. This is the 10th annual event and logically coincides with the Sydney Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival and Fantastic Planet at Dendy Cinema, Newtown. The festival is running also in Canberra and Brisbane, with Dendy’s available also in these locations so if you want to follow the national tour, be our guest.

Showcasing the country’s leading independent genre cinema, there will be over 100 of the newest and spine curding cult, thriller, fantasy and horror movies. As most will be native or International premieres, expect the days to be Aussie dramatic by way of movie industry who’s who and hyped up media themes.

To further tap into your inner nightmares, expert the worst horror you can imagine combined with incredible special effects. So if you can calm your shaking hands once the credits roll up, you’re more than welcome to attend the Q&A sessions where the team behind the movies can fill in those pressing ‘how the heck did you do that?’ audience intrigue. You can also be involved in forums and the huge array of celebration parties.

Check the lineup of movies along with dates and times on Dendy’s website. But if you can’t wait until the third week of November, you can always turn up the blood pressure on Halloween night for ‘Rob Zombie’ movie. We’ve heard it’s hitting a new high on vein and artery splashing and for only $16.50 (rates vary for concessions), you can be there to check it out first hand. It’ll be starting at 9pm on the 31st and is a one night only event. With clowns currently being filmed all over the planet causing pranks, this film features kidnappers who have to survive 12 hours against a new wave of sadistic clowns. Not the type of cute ones we’ve seen socially active, but the ones with a sick grimace as they…. Oh, we’ll just leave it to you to finish that sentence, it’s already freaking us out.

Dendy’s is only 20 minutes by car (1.15 minutes by public transport) to Cremorne Point. The only shock you’ll experience to your system at Cremorne Point Manor is the sublime to the extreme: from experiencing throat slashing movies to now being in the tranquil, calm and serenity of our guest house overlooking the Harbour, with a glass of white (not red!) wine. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Adriano Del Sal - A Guest of Cremorne Point Manor This week!

We're so excited to have Adriano Del Sal stay at Cremorne Point Manor this week. More information about his achievements:

Adriano Del Sal is one of the most significant classical guitar performers of recent years. His extraordinary musical talent, profound artistic sensibility (as his total technical control of the instrument), makes his performances truly unforgettable. Here's what an audience member recently wrote about him:

"Some concerts are pure magical - when an artist can play with exquisite mastery of their instrument, enchanting their packed audience of music lovers and creating the most sublime music... Last night I was fortunate in attending the inaugural concert of the new Professor of Guitar in Vienna, Austria, Adriano Del Sal. I arrived an hour early and was lucky. The room got completely packed, excitement filling the air. And then: what a beautiful program! What an amazing concert! Two delicious encores! What a superb pleasure!! Thank you so much, Adriano."

Born in 1977, he began studying the guitar with Stefano Viola at the J.Tomadini Conservatory of Udine where he graduated in 1999 with Guido Fichtner. At the same time, he attended the Francisco. Tarrega Academy of Pordone, furthering his studies with Stefano Viola and Paolo Pegoraro. He attended master classes with prominent concert artists such as David Russell, Manuel Barrueco, Stefano Grondona, Alberto Ponce, Angelo Gilardino and Carlo Marchione.

Adriano impressed the juries of important national & international contests, winning a total of 12 first prizes. Thanks to the winning of the international competition "Julian Arcas" of Almeria (Spain), he recorded his first solo CD for the Radio Nacional de Espana.

In 2003, he received the La Chitarra d'Oro recognition at the international meeting of Alessandria as Best Young Concert Artist of the Year, at the international level.

In 2004, he won first prize at the prestigious international competition Citta di Alessandria. Adriano is the winner of the historic Certemen F. Tarrega, Benicassim Spain (2009). His CD's are distributed by Naxos. Adriano has played at the most important international festivals in Italy, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and Slovenia.

He is currently Professor, at the Universitat fur Musik und Darstellende Knust, Vienne, Austria.