Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Team In Training for Blackmores Marathons

If you’re planning a trip to Sydney that coincides with the 18th September, and you are a runner… then you’re in luck. The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival will hold its annual ‘on your marks, get set, and go’ marathon. For around a quarter of a century, the marathon has increased in popularity and now attracts over 33,000 runners each year. Broadcasting live in 2013, the Sydney Marathon has headlined elite athletes from around the globe so you never know who may be your running mate, passing you by or who you’ll be galloping ahead of on the day.

Not just a city to take events by halves, the Festival features four events, each crossing the famous Harbour Bridge: two finish at the Opera House and the other two complete at the Conservatorium of Music. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a newbie with two left feet, you’re all invited to participate. Not only will you have your rear into gear, but you’ll sprint by some of the world’s most iconic attractions and scenic views that only Sydney can offer.

Registration is open so this is the time to sign your name on the dotted line and get the training underway. The main marathon is a 42k course, the half marathon is 21k, the Bridge Run is 9k and the family fun run is 3.9k. Obviously the main marathon will be the hardest feat while the half marathon course if on a flatter terrain. If you’ve always wanted to bolt across the Harbour, the Bridge Run will be one of the most iconic and fun feats you’ll undertake. And as for the family fun run, two legs of all heights and ages are welcome to participate so expect a few toddler tumbleweeds along the way.

Once you’ve signed up, start fundraising and with over $33k already raised to date for this year, every penny donated to your pot helps so share socially and gain those early bird cash donors fast. The Marathon has raised over $15m since inception and you can either choose from the partner charities on the website or hype the green influx for your own philanthropy causes. Maybe raise funds as a team or create a new team charity page on GoFundraise. The website includes guidelines of targets to meet for each of the running categories: Family race is $400, Bridge Run is $600, Half Marathon is $750 and the Blackmores full Marathon is $1200.

For all Sydney visitors participating in the race, take into account that Cremorne Point is nestled in a stunning, secluded area overlooking the Harbour skyline. What comes with Cremorne Point Manor is an abundance of nature trails, ideal for your target marathon goal training. So how about spending a week with us, lacing up those running shoes and enjoying the lay of the land while you gear up to the big race day. No wonder Tripadvisor’s awarded us a Certificate of Excellence, five years in a row. It’s not just about our stunning heritage hotel but also the unique scenery around us. When you reserve your room, email us the link to your fundraising page and we’ll promote it on our social pages. So go ahead and channel your inner Husky!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

If your body needs a booster of Qi and those meridians are crying out to be realigned, then the Sydney Olympic Park is where you need to be between 26 - 29 May. The country’s most popular and largest energy healing event is taking place and with more than 200 exhibitors, you chakras will be revived once more.
The event is free so all you need to do is head to the MindBodySpirit Festival 2016 website and register for the Sydney expo. There will be free stage performances, meditation sessions (ommmm) and incredible, healthy foods for sampling and purchasing. Maybe you want to book a psychic reading and discover your life path foundation was set before you were born, or know more about what the future holds in health, career and cash. Possibly you’d prefer to let nature take its course and enjoy a body massage pampering instead. From 10am to 7pm each day (aside Saturday, ending 6pm), the Park is your energy boosting playground.

Mosey around the grounds to see what’s new in the spiritual guidance, health and lifestyle arena from trying out yoga leggings, to Namaste accessories or energizing crystals. Possibly herbal drink fixes featuring lemongrass, ginger and cayenne will be the booster injection your body is craving. Ever tried cucumber sunscreen? Aroma Magic at Stand E26 is a destination you may want to check out. 

If you’re feeling that lady luck is on your side, the Festival is offering freebie win draws. These include a private medium reading with Mitchell Coombes (valued $625) and $500 worth of Chakra balancing jewellery. This is the time to visualize those citrine spheres, sage smudging the home and connecting with your inner soul through meditation music.

Take into account that the Performance Stage is a first-in-line basis for seats so you can’t pre-book these. The Festival organizers suggest you arrive 10 minutes prior to each performance so you’re Anahata (heart) chakra isn’t broken from disappointment. You don’t want to miss out on Tibetian Chanting, Connecting with Angels or Sacred World Music, do you?

The Park is only 30 minutes drive from Cremorne Point so with eyes sparking, a renewal of energy in your core and surrounded by white lights, take a breather at Cremorne Point Manor. Place a small crystal in each palm, sit back on our balcony and enjoy the Harbour skyline. Blue is the most inspiring colour and with our views offering this in abundance, you’ll be aligning all 114 chakras by the time your third eye starts to open.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

To Market, To Market in Kirribilli

This blog post topic is closer to us than most we write because our sister hotel, Glenferrie Lodge, is also located in the same neighbourhood. The Kirribilli Markets are held twice a month with Art, Design & Fashion on the second Sunday and a General Market on the fourth Saturday. 
The area is achingly hip and Cobble Hill, Brooklyn style cool but with the markets blazing away in a popular trail each month, this appropriately hyped region of NSW deserves editorial recognition: being one of the city’s oldest and longest running community markets.

The first Kirribilli market started in 1975 in the back yard of the Neighbourhood Center. From immediate popularity, it spread its wings to the Public School. Later on, it ventured down Alfred Street, then to Bradfield Park and finally found its forever home by Milson Point Bowling Club & Burton Street tunnel.
It’s one of the city’s most loved markets, primarily due to the extreme range of items for sale being haggled and the weekend noise that comes with the energy. From home d├ęcor to antiques, vintage clothing, plants, gourmet & artisan foods to a diverse range that would make LA’s Rose Bowl market look like a single family garage sale.

Both markets have a huge array of food stalls and designated eating areas, alongside live entertainment all day on Burton Street. The team behind the markets is driven by a community. It’s not solely profit driven yet all funds generated from each bustling day are injected back into the Kirribilli Center. The retained cash helps the community in a multitude of ways from Carer Programs to free legal advice and a support system that keeps the spirit of locals in need. In 2015 the Markets won the Better Business Partnership North Sydney Champion Waste Saver Award for diverting trash/rubbish from landfill (8000kg’s worth). All market food vendors are specifically encouraged to use biodegradable utensils and containers and the ecological, sustainable enterprise methods are now a respectful & logical staple.

So the next time you’re considering what to do on a weekend as a local or visitor, hop on a ferry and check out the Market. While you’re there, pop over to Glenferrie Lodge to take a look at our affordable, boutique hotel. On the same street, is the Prime Minister’s Residence and Admiralty House. We made sure we positioned ourselves in an impressive neighbourhood for every glamorous reason. 

Ten minutes by car, 30 minutes by public transport or 27 minutes by ferry, and you’re at Cremorne Point. Our Manor is in a quieter, more affluent area and you’ll appreciate the contrast in noise levels when you venture back to our hotel. As with Glenferrie Lodge, the Sydney Harbour views are stunning from the Manor and if you listen closely, you may hear the lions roar at nearby Taronga Zoo, during the night. If you can think of a better way to spend a weekend in Sydney, then we challenge you to tweet us @CremorneManor

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Free Sydney Olympic Park Events

Throughout the year, Sydney’s Olympic Park hosts a wide range of events from sports, music and fashion. All these attractions cost a decent amount of cash so we’ve chosen a few coming up…that are free.  Not only will your credit card statement be lower than average but you’ll be entertained to the hilt. Here are a few of our favourites for you to check out, if you’re a Sydney local or visitor to NSW:
If the feathery type is your vice, you must add the last Sunday of every month from 10-11am at the Birdlife Discovery Centre. It’s all about free bird watching, mingling with like minded fluttery fans and trying to take a snap of that rare breed before it vanishes.

For kids who love insects, creepy crawlies and the slippery type, on the 3rd June and 5th August, the Bicentennial Park will host a Frog & Tadpole Study Group event. Learn all about these hop-alongs from their leg muscle leaping abilities to eye vision and natural habitats. The events take place from 7-9pm.

Sweeter than cupcakes may be a delicacy you can never resist. If so, you must sign up for the Cake Bake & Sweets Show from the 3rd - 5th June, 10am-5pm in the Sydney Showground. Sample, buy and hoard a few tasters while you stock up on the sugar, purely to keep your energy levels up…right? 

How about all you nature lovers? On the 28th August from 10am-12pm, head to the Education Centre, Bicentennial Park and venture into a series of short walks on urban ecology. Learn about wildlife, nature’s incredible eco systems and the soil crawlies that regurgitate the land for plant growth. 

Later on this year (dates to be announced), are the free Kids in the Park & Sand Art Fun. These will most likely be scheduled during the winter holidays. The Park events will include everything you expect to exhaust the little ones, hoping they’ll sleep a good 12 hours that night (we can only pray). From games to attractions, food, exhibition stalls and rides, it’ll all be in abundance. The Sand Art is a brilliant way for kids to learn how to build, craft within team work and thrive off their innovation skills. With a huge pit of sand at their disposal, they’ll enjoy hours of fun from creating, completing, demolishing and starting all over again.  Remember to tweet the Park and our hotel with your kid’s outstanding sand results.

Only 38 minutes by car or 1.15 hours by bus, you can be back at Cremorne Point Manor.  Keeping with the free theme, chill out at our balcony overlooking the “doesn’t cost a penny” stunning views of the Harbour skyline. You’ll also keep your purse strings intact with the most affordable hotel rates in the area, at Cremorne Point Manor. Sometimes the best things in life are free…or budget friendly.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bondi Belly Laugh on 1st May

If you’re heading to Sydney around the early part of next month, you must check out World Laughter Day at Bondi Beach on the 1st May. Not only is laughing holistic, infectious and lowers blood pressure but it uses so fewer facial muscles than frowning…and it’ll start tightening up a potential six pack. If you have the latter, by the 2nd May you may be leaning towards a 12 pack.
On this hysterical day, you can learn about the benefits of happiness, health and good ole tear jerker laugh…all through the power of yoga.

This free event is hosted by the Bondi Beach Laughter Club and at 11.30am, be ready on the beach for registration. Thirty minutes later the introductions, announcements and kudos speeches will take place.
From that time on until mid afternoon, you can take yoga sessions, laughter meditation (it’s hysterical – we’ve tried it), relaxation techniques, confirm positive affirmations and then bond over Bondi team games. There’s also an introduction about Laughter Yoga and the incredible benefits it gives to mind, body and soul. It’ll make your hair grow healthier, your nails stronger, reboot your major organs and ensure that chi is flowing like a river.

The yoga session is followed by drinks, meeting new people, reacquainting with long lost friends and an increased volume of high energy levels. You can book free event tickets through Eventbrite, listed on their website. All you need to do is bring a yoga mat or beach towel but if you don’t have that, then simply lay in the sand and let it absorb all the negativity & stress you’ve built up recently.

If you want to know more about how the Yoga Workshop will play out, here’s the scoop: The trainers will educate you on deep breathing exercises and the great multitude of benefits that laughter brings to your life. They include rhythmic clapping, grounding exercises and strategies on incorporating these in your everyday life.

Only a 30 minute drive or 2 hours walk with a short ferry ride, you can be back at Cremorne Point. Tripadvisor’s awarded us our fifth consecutive Certificate of Excellence. When you stay at Cremorne Point Manor, you’ll be laughing at our affordable rates compared to downtown hotel prices & revert into hysterics over our stunning view of the Harbour skyline…because it’s free to watch and you scooped one of the best visual spots. Now that’s worth a smile at least, which you can tweet to @cremornemanor and @laughnlivewell