Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sydney Obstacle Challenge in November

The Raw Challenge at St Ives Showground, Sydney is back again on the 21st November. We’re giving you this ‘way ahead of the game’ notification so you have zero excuse to not get your trainers (sneakers) on and start jogging. It’s a 5km course with impressive 18+ obstacles which we know you’ll thrive off: they include trudging through mud, climbing hurdles and military style crawls under cargo nets. Oh my!
This is the second annual Park Circuit event in the Sydney area that will absolutely test your endurance levels. This year also includes a new 20m slip and slide with huge foam cannons. Not only can you participate and get your team in training, but if you’re cheering on friends, then there are a multitude of pit stops you can holler encouragement to them, along the way. 

The prices to participate are varying from the (now expired) early bird to the new $59/20 (adults/youth) tickets available. But if you’re a tad nervous about whether you’re fit enough for the race, just keep training and see how you feel a few days before the event. You can always buy on the day at $100/$50 (adults/youth).

The Showground is an amazing retreat of nature in abundance. Being one of the city’s largest sports & recreation sites, there are dog training rings, BMX riding facilities and naturally, BBQ and picnic tables. The route you’ll be running is primarily flat, through the open park but account for the ups & downs you’ll encounter with the obstacles in your way.

We know 2016 is a long way off but if you really want to cross off ‘extreme sport’ from your 2015 bucket wish list, then you have around 192 days to get your brain and athletic stance into gear.

Only 29 minutes north of our Sydney boutique hotel, by car, you can enjoy a full day of sports, entertainment and pushing your fitness boundaries. Then head back down to Cremorne Point Manor, kick off those muddy running shoes and give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back. Rub in the Arnica to reduce inflammation, bring out the Epsom Salts and put your feet up. The view of the Sydney skyline from our hotel is sensational and is our congratulations gift to you. Now get training and we’ll look forward to having you stay with us in November.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Grape Escape to Pyrmont Food & Wine Festival

If your daily serving of fruit includes a mandatory glass of wine, then between the 15 – 24 May, you need to be at the Pyrmont Festival
This regional festival showcases the very best of the area with more than 50 wine bars, hotels, restaurants and winemakers enticing you to sample, taste, swig and avoid spittoons at all costs.

Unlike most wine & food festivals, where you snoop around, taste samples and head home, the Pyrmont Festival pushes the social boundaries. You can enjoy wine tastings and dinners, art displays, photo exhibitions and wine-meal parings for lunches and dinners throughout the 10 days.

Now into its fifth year, the festival also includes the Mudgee Region and all its palate offerings.  With Mudgee located a 3.5 hour drive from central NSW, not many locals or tourists get to sample their Napa-competitive wines so this is a rare treat. The region’s renowned for more than 40 boutique wineries and one of the state’s first established wine regions. 

Marrying the best of the region, the city and culture, this event has attracted quite a fan base over the years. From Burrundulla Wines to Huntington Estate, the vineyard exhibitions are extensive. This is before we even get to the foodie lovers who can sample tasters from Blue Eye Dragon, the new LuMi bar and Flying Fish.

Making this a family affair, the highlights are on the two free headliner days (16h and 17th) from 11am – 5pm. During this time, there will be live music, kids rides & entertainment and around 100 winemaker stalls. So the kids can spin themselves on the rides until they feel dizzy while the parents can do likewise, from wine samplings.  You do need to note that there are charges for wine tastings, but the wine packages are reasonable at $20 AUD.

When it comes to the food/wine pairing packages, we felt the prices were decent, starting at $65. They do climb to $150 for LuMi but then race back down to $16 for the Biaggio Café wine lunch special. Depending on your budget or need to experience the best, we felt the price ranges were extremely accommodating for all wallet holders.

If you’re on a tighter budget but do want to experience NSW at its best, just 15 minutes car drive from Pyrmont, you can be at a Sydney boutique hotel. One of the city’s oldest, most affordable 4 Star hotels, you’ll not break the bank while you experience the most incredible skyline views from Cremorne Point Manor.  No wonder Tripadvisor’s given the Manor a Certificate of Excellence, for the 4th consecutive year!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tech Early Adopters Expo in Sydney

From the 5th - 7th May, CeBIT’s global business technology event takes place at Sydney Olympic Park. If you think Silicon Valley is still the mecca of all things hardware, software and Bitcoin…then think again. As the Valley loses its heavy weight status from not innovating against the curve, other countries are now brilliantly paving the way for technology break throughs - Sydney included.

CeBIT attracts over 20,000 visitors with the country’s top 200 companies and 6,000 business leaders. It’s not on CES’s mega level but there are an impressive 450 exhibitors (30% international) and attendees from over 30 countries.  Are you a true entrepreneur, even in the making? Then you can brain storm and chat with around 200 innovators at this event.

Even though the keynotes and panelists are primarily headlined from the US, the core focus is on Australian tech pioneers.  From Google X to RedBalloon and Open Stack to AOL, hear how they’ve paved the way for you to now take the entrepreneurial baton and launch or scale your business.

Some of the themes for this year include mobile, automation industry, cloud and digital/social engagement. With major companies experiencing hacking that’s compromised consumer privacy, cyber security is also at the forefront of a theme discussion. Maybe you’re a B2B company, looking to work with the government? These movers & shakers will be attending in full force so this is your time to fine tune that 1 minute elevator pitch. They have major IT budgets and your start up could be exactly who they’re looking to partner with or acquire.

Check the full schedule including the 7th May ‘Internet of Things’ line up. The words ‘disruptor,’ ‘game changer’ and ‘thought leaders’ are constantly incorrectly, over used. But by attending this full day of panels and Q&A sessions, you can start to fine tune your ideas and see if it is unique, your business model is viable and how you can develop your innovation. You’ll be too busy networking to be focusing on buzzwords, right?

This event attracts many guests to our boutique Sydney hotel so remember to book your room quickly at Cremorne Point Manor.  If you’re on a tighter budget yet want to stay nearby, check our sister hotel for availability: Glenferrie Lodge. Both hotels are not far from the venue so enjoy winding down after a long few days and reset your genius-entrepreneurial creativity.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Vivid Technology Meets Entrepreneurs

If you’re heading to Sydney between 22 May and 8 June and you’re a budding entrepreneur, bursting with innovation, then you must check out Vivid Sydney 2015 Ideas. The REMIX event also takes place between 2-3 June, a global summer for creative industries exploring the glue that drives culture, technology and entrepreneurship.  Discussing big ideas, this event has been coined the ‘TED for the arts.’  Back and left brain thinking will be the attributes for the 2 day event so get your inner genius thinking-cap on. 
For Vivid Technology, the schedule on 24 May starts with the Story of the Light – The Astronomer’s Perspective.  Following this on the 25 May is ‘Creating and Innovating with Technology in the Classroom – with Gary Stager’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art. If your brain is now reaching 80% capacity, get ready for the 25 May’s ‘What is the Value of Visual Literacy in the Workplace.’

We’re a big fan of the 3 June event where Stefan Sagmeister, one of the world’s most iconic designers, will be discussing design futures with global creative industry leaders. Stefan’s worked with clients such as the Rolling Stones, HBO and also received two Grammy’s for packaging design work with Talking Heads, Brian Eno and David Byrne.

If storytelling is your vice, then it’s a must see to attend Matthew Weiner on 31 May for a Q&A. This multi Emmy winning writer created Mad Men and a former exec producer on the Sopranos. Great TV doesn’t just come from a fantastic storyline – it also forms iconic characters that mold our viewing into realisms of trend setting and a can-do attitude.

If you believe you’re the next Steve Jobs, then the ‘ThinkFeel Create’ seminar on 24 May is something to add to your calendar. This is a highly charged workshop (mini incubator style) where you expand your thinking and sketch business ideas. It’ll help you fine tune your vision and decipher if your solution addresses a customer problem. The workshop also includes hard core tips on how to establish your business so when you leave, you’re absolutely geared up for entrepreneurial greatness.

Have a rummage around the event website for all the other seminars taking place and while you’re online, make your reservation at a Sydney boutique hotel. Inspiration doesn’t come from just talking; it’s also from generating inspiration about your future business ideas. We guarantee that you’ll be reflecting on a new career while you look at the stunning Sydney skyline from Cremorne Point Manor. If that doesn’t whet your appetite for positive business domination, then the roaring lions at the nearby Taronga Zoo pretty much guarantees an extra supportive cheer.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Music to Your Ears at Opera House Festival

From June 27th to July 4th, the Australian International Music Festival hits Sydney. Now in its 26th year, the Festival is one of NSW’s favourite ear ringing events. With up to 1300 participants annually, the festival hits Sydney alongside touring Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Cuba. The groups performing include Aussie natives, China, Singapore and Japan so the eclectic style is diverse and culturally inspiring.
Even though there are a multitude of music styles on stage, the focus magnifies wind bands, choirs, jazz and orchestra. If you’ve never experienced an event at the Opera House, you’re in for a serious treat! Not only is this our adored choice of venue, but you can also check out the other music events taking place at the Angel Palace (City Recital Hall) and Darling Harbour. 

It’s not just a ‘perch your rear and watch’ festival…you can also be involved in the workshops and cultural exchanges. So if you’re a budding musician or lover of great sounds, you can dually share passions and insights with some of these leading performers.

Over the seven days, there will also be a flurry of awards by the festival jury including Gold, Silver or Bronze plaques at the concert performances. This is alongside the Showcase Award category for groups that prefer to abstain from competing.  More information about the Australian International Music Festival Awards, including band submission details, is featured on this link. It also showcases the full rundown of event activities, workshops, outdoor pops concert and band rehearsal exchanges. 

Prices for the Sydney Opera House tickets are $33 for standard submission for June 27th – 29th and performances run for 3 hours including a one 30 minute interval. 

Since Cremorne Point Manor is located just a short ferry ride from the Opera House, you can dance your way back to our Sydney boutique hotel in under 10 minutes. Overlooking the Harbour and stunning skyline, check out our home page short video. It’ll make your heart skip a great beat!