Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We're featured in Expedia's Australia Blog!!

Australia is famous the world over for its beach culture. However, the beach can mean many different things to different people. Our location on the North Shore of Sydney Harbour, Cremorne Point Manor is the ideal starting point from which you can experience two different beaches representing two totally different aspects of Australian culture.

The closest beach is Balmoral Beach, adjacent to the Botanical Gardens and Taronga Zoo. Balmoral Beach is a beautiful harbour beach surrounded by parklands. Its enclosed designated swimming areas make it a safe place to take the kids, while the adults can try snorkelling or sailing. The beach is also famous for its fresh fish and chips.

Manly Beach, a short ferry ride away from the CBD of Sydney or accessible by bus, is bigger and more popular with tourists, backpackers and Sydney locals. Kids can play on the quieter harbour side or brave the wild waters on the beach side. Wandering the markets, shops and restaurants along the pedestrianised Corso mall makes for a perfect weekend afternoon activity.

Cremorne Point Manor offers you easy access to these varied beach experiences, along with stunning views of Sydney Harbour and all the amenities you will need for a perfect holiday. For this reason we were thrilled to be recently included in an article by Expedia on 'Australia's Best Beach Accommodation'.

Cremorne Point Manor: This restored 19th-century guesthouse offers spectacular harbour views across Mosman Bay to Sydney’s iconic skyline. Situated on one of the North Shore’s quiet leafy streets, it’s just a 20-minute drive to Manly Beach. Soak off the sand in your private spa bath or hot tub. The penthouse suite is ideal for longer stays, with two glamourous bedrooms, a full kitchen and spacious balcony with harbour views.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You Ready for World Time Attack Challenge?

If you’re in the Sydney area on October 14th and 15th, and you’re a magnet for fast sports, the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) has your name written all over it. It started in 2008 when Ian Baker organized the first Superlap Australia event after visiting Japan and competing with the Hi Octane racing team. He loved the scene, the adrenaline and realised that Australia was now ready for this feat.
The objective was to create a huge international event where the best global time attack teams compete on the same track, at the same time. These cars are fast so get ready for the rest of the story…

Not only was the tuning shops to be at quick fire speed but the winners of this race would win the World Time Attack Championship title. The first Aussie WTAC was held two years later and generated huge success. Competing against the Japanese and Americans, PanSpeed and R-Magic took to the race and scored their best times. With hype underway, sponsors came on board fast and spectators gravitated from all around the world, setting records for each event. 

It’s not a cheap motorsport to maintain but since it’s less costly than running a race series in any other class, more international superstars came on board to compete. So in October, you’ll not only get to scream for your winning motorsport idol but this 500m race will see the highest top speed crowned a winner. Fast and furious doesn’t even describe it. Speed of light may be the most appropriate explanation. 

This lunchtime event also features Turbo Legends and after the race, you can check out the stunt driving exhibitions alongside drifting demos and iconic motors on show. Exhibitors will be there offering expert advice, flogging all relevant motor gear and providing knowledge on turbos, wheels, and anything that sounds like a testosterone infused vroom vroom vroom. But wait…there’s more! The largest outdoor car show in Australia will be featured including vintage to classics, modern performance cars and over the top custom builds that cost a small fortune, or 90210 hefty mortgage. Tickets are reasonably priced so it won’t damage your month end credit card bill.

Sydney Motorsport Park is a decent 45 minute drive from Cremorne Point but you’re going to drive safely and sensibly there and back to our Cremorne Point Manor, right? If you’re looking for a finale, end of day adrenaline boost, take a peek at the view of the Harbour from our guest patio. Life may be speeding by on wheels but as the sun goes down in Sydney, it’ll be the biggest rush you’ll experience all day. Remember to tweet WTAC and our Manor with pics.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Good Food & Wine Show Returns To Olympic Park

From the 5th – 7th August (10am – 6pm on Saturday and 10am – 5pm Sunday), the Showground at Sydney Olympic Park is hosting the ultimate food & vino lovers festival.

If you’re a foodie fanatic or budding sommelier, then the Sydney Good Food & Wine Show is the two day event you must attend. The country’s finest food producers, wineries and chefs team up for a smashing weekend of gluttony.

Prices are $27+ for adults, from $18.90 for kids, family packs & concessions. No kid is too young to be learning about nosh so bring along the munchkins for a full day (or two) and learn from the best in the business.

One of our favourite agenda line ups of the festival is the celebs & experts, especially the ones on the stage running demos and throwing the audience tiddlers of food along the way. This year’s lineup includes Alastair McLeod, of Irish descent and presenter of Ready Steady Cook. Then there’s Kirrily Waldhorn (aka Beer Diva) who knows the full history of brewing and will update you on a few myths along the way. As the editor of BeerStyle.com.au and VP of Pink Boots Society, supporting women in the beer industry, Kirrily will no doubt keep the audience entertained. Amongst others, there will be Nick Haddow, founder of Bruny Island Cheese Co who will co-present at the cheese master classes. Known as one of the best cheese makers in Oz, he’s sure to get your goat (and cow) with a few churning tricks up his sleeve.

If you’re feeling peckish by now, make a note to head to the Grazing Garden and grab a bite – a necessity after such extensive walking around the expo, tasting samples by hundreds of exhibitors. 

Remember to check the website for a list of all exhibitors, what’s playing at the Good Food Theater, memorize a few event highlights such as Brewers Lane and be involved in Cellar Door – the wine appreciation sessions.

It won’t take you more than 30 minutes to get back to Cremorne Point from the Park. And if you’ve worked the expo, you should have quite a few samples – enough to make a late evening picnic on our balcony at Cremorne Point Manor. The views are stunning, the Harbour will be lit up and you’ll be fressing on delicacies that only the expo can offer in abudance. So raise a glass and remember that wine is officially one serving of your daily 5 – it’s all about the grapes.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Australian International Music Festival Hits Sydney in July

With its upcoming 27th year, the Australian International Music Festival is one of the country’s most popular events. Each year, it attracts up to 1300 participants from New Zealand, Australia, China, Singapore, the US and Japan. Focusing on Orchestra, Choir, Jazz and Wind bands, with performances at the Opera House, City Recital Hall and Darling Harbour, it’ll be music to pretty much everyone’s ears.
Not only are you going to be entertained but there are workshops from globally renowned experts so you can talk toons with them and discuss chromatics galore.

Taking place from the 3rd to 10th July, you can buy package deals or individual festival tickets. The package includes the opening and closing parties, access to all events, merchandise and every add on you’d expect.
Then there’s the festival trophy extravaganza where an expert panel of judges award each ensemble with Gold, Silver or Bronze plaques, all performance recognition based. Alongside this is a Showcase Award category to groups that don’t compete. 

Sydney is renowned as a global magnet for musicians, with a decent, all year warm climate so expect quite a few buskers to be out and about in the city testing their musical attractions to passers. Support them by dropping a few dollars in their direction. Some of the most famous musicians started by busking…in NSW.
World Projects organise an impressive list of events around the planet including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC so music lovers, check the schedule and maybe you can follow a few festivals around Earth. It’s all about that bucket wish list, right?

Since Cremorne Point is so close to downtown Sydney and where all the rhythm action is, all you need to do is hop on a scenic ferry ride and you’ll be at our hotel in a few minutes. We’re near Taronga Zoo so you’ll hear the lions roar. We’re nestled in scenery and walking tours so you’ll also hear the birds sing. What a way to spend a week – surrounded by tunes of all pitches. So put your feet up on our balcony and get humming, tapping the toes and see if you can’t rustle up a potential concerto. It may turn into a classic.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sprint And Splat In The Color Run

On the 21st August, starting at 9.00am the annual Sydney Color Run takes place. You’ll start trotting in white and by the time you hurdle to the finishing line, you’ll be all shades of rainbow thanks to the community showering you in paint as you pound the streets of Sydney. 
An event for all ages and fitness levels, the annual spraying day is purely to promote health, cheerfulness and a series of colourful blasts. It’s the city’s happiest five KM run on the planet and is a fantastic, messy extravaganza.

The run is in Centennial Park and early bird tickets are for sale with prices ranging from $62.50 for aged 16+ individuals or $57.50 for teams of four plus. Kids under 5 participate for free and a family price (two adults with two munchkins) are $190. If you sign up to be a VIP, you’ll receive discounted ticket prices and early announcements so keep that in mind.

Due to extreme popularity, the Color Run has tripled growth, hosting more than 300 events in 50+ countries since 2014 so this year’s bound to be a untidy, brilliant one. While you’re team in training or individually taking run laps in preparation of the August big day, tweet the Color Run social crew and remember to tag us in your updates. Make a note that the event isn’t timed, so focus on having a blast of a day and give your competitive edge a breather.

For anyone who’d prefer the non running involvement, you can sign up to volunteer if you’re available on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the run weekend. In return, you’ll receive a free Color Run t-shirt, 10% discount off merchandise and a volunteer certificate. Oh, and maybe you’ll make a few pen pals along the way. 

A word of warning: if you show up at the start of the run wearing anything more than 11% white, you’ll be slam dunked into the Color Run jail. Rules are rules and the pure fashion police will be on high alert. Then as you gallop the course, at every km mark, the crowd will blast you with colour from packets provided by the organizers. With the finish line begging you to cross it, the party then really starts. A huge music, dance and mass colour throwing evening with never ending supplies of neons will be your well deserved, rainbow evening soiree.

Fifteen minutes by car, splattered in every colour under the sun, you’ll be back at Cremorne Point. No wonder Tripadvisor’s awarded us a Certificate of Excellence five consecutive years – when you see the views of the Harbour from Cremorne Point Manor, it’ll be crystal clear. An array of colours that will make you happy you finally blend in to the Opera House, Bridge and downtown Sydney.